Thank you for considering CAPS Academy as your choice for your Peer Support Specialist Certification Training, we are honored to support your learning journey!

CAPS Academy 2023 Cohorts:

October 30, 2023 - November 30th.  Classes meet online via Zoom Monday - Thursday from 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM for 4 weeks.  There are no classes the week of November 20th - 24th in observance of the holiday.  The deadline to apply is October 17th.

Our Admission Process: 

Applicants apply to the Academy via online application. Because we have ongoing cohorts, you can submit an application anytime for an upcoming cohort. Applying does not guarantee an interview, however; all students will be notified of the status of their application.   If applicants are accepted into the program, scholarships will be available.

The interview: 

We conduct interviews using a panel format so you may be interviewing along side other applicants. Treat this as you would a job interview. After the panel interview we will break off for one on one time and get to know you individually. At this point we will also be asking you to demonstrate your knowledge of basic Zoom features such as naming yourself, raising your hand and using reactions. 

Who Can participate?

Those who identify as a Peer in recovery who are age 18 or older and who have personal lived experience with a mental illness, addiction, justice involvement and/or a close family member with lived experience. A GED or HS Diploma is not required to participate, however; you will need this to be eligible to take the State Exam. 


  • Students must commit to attending and actively participating in 80 hours of training.
  • Students must have access to a computer or laptop and stable internet connection
  • Students must have the technical capability and make a commitment to participate on camera during Zoom virtual classroom sessions
  • Students must have the heart and passion to assist others on their journey.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Are planning to take the California Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist Certification Exam.
  • Have Basic Digital Literacy skills that enables participation in the Online Courses.
  • Have access to a computer or laptop and stable internet connection.
  • Act as an agent on their own behalf.
  • Will (pro)actively contribute to the class as a learning community.
  • Will commit to the entire duration of the program.
  • Can create a distraction free learning environment remotely, that enables them to be fully present and engaged.

All CAPS applicants are required to take the Digital Literacy Assessment. Please go to . Click on Take An Assessment under Test Your Digital Literacy and click on Basic Computer Skills. Once you receive your score, please attach it below. A passing score is 85% or above. You can take the test as many times as you’d like before submitting your score.

If you are interested in attending CAPS virtually on a Saturday, please email Georgie Sullivan at

If you are interested in participating in CAPS Academy, we invite you to add your name to our interest list.

For questions or to learn more information about the training, contact:

Georgie Sullivan, Training Assistant. (323) 772-9732

Click on California Peer Certification for additional information about the certification process.

Select Admission:


Personal Infomation

*Firt Name
*Middle Name
*Last Name
I liked to be called
*Please select your age group:
City, State, County
*How did you hear about the CAPS Academy?

*Have you applied to CAPS Academy training(s) in the past?
*Upload you Digital Literacy assessment
Upload file
All applicants are required to take a digital literacy assessment test. If you don't have your assessment, please go to

Alternative Contact Infomation

This is someone who could be reached in case of emergency or as a way to contact you if the information you provided above changes:

*First Name
*Last Name

Applicant Written Essay

Please answer all of the questions below in your own words.

*A disability is defined as an individual who: 1) has a physical or mental impairment or medical condition that limits one or more life activities, such as walking, speaking, breathing, performing manual tasks, seeing, hearing, learning, caring for oneself or working; 2) has a record or history of such impairment or medical condition; or 3) is regarded as having such an impairment or medical condition.

*1. How has your lived experience inspired you to work in the field?
*2. What does Peer Professional mean to you?
*3. What is your long term career goal?
*4. "Recovery" is a term often used in mental health care. Please define your personal definition of recovery.
*5. Who is your personal inspiration? Please provide a specific example of how this person has influenced your life.

Applicant Preparation and Commitment

Participating in the CAPS Academy is an opportunity as well as a commitment. We want to be clear about our expectations. When you accept admittance to the CAPS Academy, you are agreeing to prioritized participation.

*If selected for CAPS Academy, what potential challenges would prevent you from completing the course?
*Check any anticipated challenges that may interfere with your completion of CAPS Academy?

*Please describe what preparations and supports you have in place for these challenges.
*Are there any days/hours you will not be able to attend CAPS Academy?
*Are you currently participating in any educational or training programs?
*Describe your immediate career/employment plans following CAPS Academy Training. Please be as specific as possible.
*Do you need any accommodations to complete the basic requirements of the CAPS Academy Program?

Cameras are expected to stay on through the duration of each course

Individualized Career Plan

Complete the individualized career plan (ICP) below to state your goal.

*Career Goal
*Requirements (What do I need to reach my goal?)
*Current Skills & interests
*Plan to Reach Career Goal (Who? What? How? Reasonable? Expected Result? Timed/When?

Example of Individualized Career Plan

Name: Jane Ackerman

Career Goal: To successfully complete a peer certification training.

Requirements (What do I need to reach my goal):
I must have lived experience in recovery, apply to an approved peer certification training, participate in a selection process, I will need to have some computer skills to participate in the training and do homework, I must participate and ensure that I understand the material by asking questions and taking notes, I must pass the final exam to successfully complete the training and obtain my completion certificate.

Current Skills & interests:
I have lived experience in recovery. I am a mental health advocate. I have some computer skills and knowledge about using the internet, I am interested in learning more about how to be a peer supporting others.

Plan to Reach Goal (Who? What? How? Reasonable? Expected Result? Timed/When?):
I will successfully complete a peer certification training by applying to a peer certification training program, participating in a selection process by showing up to any interviews and being prepared to showcase my best self. If I take notes during class and study for the final exam, I am likely to pass the final exam and earn my completion certificate by October, 2022.

Digital Participation

To support both applicants and CAPS Academy staff making an informed choice about participation in peer training, we have developed descriptors of technology and digital literacy skills that are meant to enhance the classroom experience and support successfully completing peer training.

*Please check the following that apply to you.

Participant Agreement Form

Read each of the following statements thoroughly! Initial next to the statement you agree with.


Voluntary Disclosure of Self-Identification

*Please identify your ethnicity/race. Select ALL that apply:

*Please select any other languages you speak in addition to English:

*Which one BEST describes your current gender:
*which BEST describes your sexual orientation:
*Please identify if you are a peer and/or a family member:
*Do you identify as having a disability?
*Are you a military veteran?


*Are you currently working or volunteering in the mental health field?
*Name of the agency where you are employed or volunteering.
*Are you currently employed in a Peer Support role?
*Are you currently employed with a Peer Run Organization?
*Are you currently employed with a Behavioral Health County Agency?
*Are you currently employed with a Community Based Organization (CBO)?
*Job title:
*How many hours a week do you work or volunteer?
*When will you take the State Exam?
*Do you have the following?
*Do you have a scholarship?


Starting time: [time]

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